We are hire ring a Associate VFX Artist

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  • We are hire ring a Associate VFX Artist

    Essential skills
    • experience with a real time engine, preferably UE4
    • experience with game engine particle systems, preferably Cascade or Niagara
    • familiarity with 3D simulation software, preferably Houdini or Maya
    • basic knowledge of shaders and materials
    • solid grasp of real-world reference and principles of physics
    • understanding of animation and principles of performance
    • must be self-motivated and well-organised under tight deadlines
    • passion for creating a great game experience
    Desired Skills
    • familiarity with scripting languages : Python, C#, or C++
    • experience with 3D paint packages : Substance, Modo, Mari
    • exposure to advanced graphics and rendering pipeline concepts
    • have worked with a team to construct a fully playable game
    For application or more information please email us: lisa[]jobtensor.com, jobtensor.com/uk